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Role of pharmaceuticals in world's economy is difficult to overestimate. In 2006 total world pharmaceutical market was estimated at 640 billion dollars, and almost 50% were in the United States. This industry is one of the most profitable and fast-grown in the world.

Importers in Ukrainian market became more active. Foreign manufacturers create their representative's offices and branches for the conduct of economic and commercial activities in Ukraine. It's difficult fo foreign entities to understand legislation in Ukraine.

If you want to be succesful in business it's not enough to have simillar experience in another country. You should prepare course of actions, issue legal documentation, that is impossible without legal support. When you chose a lawyer it is necessary to consider  his theoretical knowledges and practical experience in such legal practice.

Pharmaceutical business in Ukraine is far behind from other countries becaue of financial problems, minimal state support, lack of modern equipment, outdated technology, lack of legal awareness and legal protection of Ukrainian businessmen. Sometimes one insignificant word in contract becomes fatal during litigation and causes huge financial losses.

Legal support of the pharmaceutical business aims to avoid financial risks and ensure competent management of industrial and commercial activities in accordance with Ukrainian laws.

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