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Legal services

Corporate legal services

The company offers its customers several legal service programs. Programs of the legal subscription services allow you to organize the legal operation of the company, make the right decisions when negotiating and concluding agreements or resolving disputes.

Maintenance program in a different combination of his include:
  • consulting company for the current financial - economic activity (for example, to include issues such questions of tax law, the interpretation of the provisions of the contract, the legal consequences of the decision, the legal possibilities and ways to avoid disputes his permission, etc.);
  • preparation of written legal opinions (memoranda). As a rule, it is necessary when making important decisions, providing information to partners, associates, major clients, the founders. In such cases the materials are prepared by an official character and can be used in the formation of the positions and tactics of negotiation, bargaining;
  • examination of the documents prepared by the Client. As a result of examination of the Company provides the Customer a legal opinion on the conformity or nonconformity of certain documents with the existing Ukrainian or international law. Such documents may include, as a document prepared by the Client and contractors documents, documents, organizations, institutions, bodies, who access the Client with suggestions, requests, applications, complaints, claims, etc.;
  • preparation of written documents of the Client. The company guided by the current legislation, taking into account the problem of developing Customer documents of legal, institutional, organizational directives, which are necessary for the Client. These documents include applications, complaints, appeals, letters, claims, contracts, supplemental agreements, contracts, orders, writs, appeals, etc.;
  • State registration of amendments to articles of incorporation. These issues include questions of a change manager, change the kinds of activities, changes in the composition of participants, changes in the size of the share capital and others. In this part of the company holds a general meeting, prepare a new edition of the statutes, provides the procedure for state registration, as well as receive the relevant documents;
  • participate in the negotiations. The company's specialists are involved in business negotiations with bargaining, appeals, complaints and disputes with contractors and government Client;
  • practice before the court. In this part of the company's lawyers are studying the nature of the dispute and ways of its settlement, which includes the negotiation, the case study of the position, drafting the necessary legal documents, filing them in court, representation of the trial, appeal and execution of court decisions, as well as develop recommendations in order to avoid disputes.

The proposed program of Firms legal subscription services include services for legal entities and individuals.


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