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Legalizing unauthorized construction

Obtaining planning permission territory by placing objects of construction is time-consuming and problematic procedure, because it has a lot of nuances that must be understood and addressed. Therefore, there are cases of unauthorized construction without a permit.

Our company will help you in legitimizing unauthorized construction.

Necessary documents for legalization of unauthorized construction:
Name of Document
Company prepares
Client prepares
1 Statement    
2 Document on the ownership (public act) or use (lease) of land Notarized copy  
3 Report of a technical survey of structures and utilities to meet state standards of private buildings, building codes, fire safety regulations Original  
4 BTI product data Original  
5 Written evidence of the neighbors that the construction of the project took place in 2008 (or earlier) Original  
6 Property Identification code Copy  
7 Civil passport owner Copy  
8 Receipt of payment of the administrative penalty Original  
9 Receipt of payment for the issuance of the certificate of conformity Original  
10 Other official payments (by BTI) Original  
11 Power of attorney notarized
Notarized copy
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