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The program of corporate legal services "Business - Premium"

The program is focused on servicing the enterprise chiselnost staff Bole does not exceed 20 employees, total annual turnover of not more than 5 mln., Or the volume of work this company does not exceed the specified program. The program contains a range of legal services necessary to complete the work enterprise. Customer Service is carried out on the basis of general agreement on which the fee specified in the Company offers a monthly package. When a contract customer a discount on any other services in the amount of 7% of their value.


The program of corporate legal services "Business - Premium"
The program includes legal services the following package
Terms of use package
Areas of practical application
Verbal consultations
12 Client complaints in a month
current financial - economic activity, employment counseling, administrative, fiscal, economic, civil, corporate and other sectors of the legislation needed to complete the work Client
Written consultations
7 written consultations in a month. The complexity of consultation - no more than two hours of consultation
Current legislation of Ukraine
Compilation of existing regulations
5 selections. As in the paper and in electronic form
Current legal issues of financial - economic activity of the Client
Legal analysis and verification of customer documents
7 examination of documents. The complexity of expertise - not more than two hours of examination
Legal review of documents provided by the Client
Preparation of written legal documents
10 documents. The difficulty of writing - no more than two hours on a document
preparation of contracts, additional agreements, internal regulations, orders, regulations, including the statutes, except procedural documents
The state registration of changes in the statutes
2 registration
registration of changes in the composition of participants, location, size, capital, activities, and other issues
Participation in negotiations in order to protect or represent the interests of the Client
2 times a month. Participation shall not exceed 1work hour
negotiations for conclusion of transactions, contracts, resolving disputes, reviewing applications, complaints
Conduct of the case in court
A shipping process. Price action should not exceed more than 50 000 thous
preparation of the legal position in the case, to familiarize with the documents, preparation of legal documents, representation in court, the appeal reshy
Contact with experts of the Company in program of corporate legal services:
+38 (044) 528 30 94
+38 (044) 528 30 54
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