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Legal services

The program of corporate legal services "Business - Consultant"

A unique service program, which was developed by the Company. Service Program provides an opportunity to receive quality legal services from a team of professionals and to make legal services accessible to all predpriyatiya.Osnovnaya objective of this program - permanent legal advisory support manager and chief accountant predpriyatiya.Programma service and its value is calculated for the year. The program is indispensable in the daily life of the enterprise.


Terms of the program:

The program service includes
Number of appeals
Consultation on the Application of the Ukrainian and international legislation in the daily life of the enterprise, which includes the issues of tax, administrative, civil, economic and other fields of law, accounting and auditing
Unlimited throughout the year. Questions should relate to the current economic - legal activities of the enterprise. The complexity of the work on one issue should not exceed 1 hour of work.
Consultation is carried out in the form of "Question - Answer"
Advice is provided "Оn-line». Consultation is carried out without the inspection of documents
Contact with experts of the Company in program of corporate legal services:
+38 (044) 528 30 94
+38 (044) 528 30 54
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