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Registration of changing the composition of of the founders

The supreme governing body of the company is the general meeting of shareholders, which is the right to take any decisions that relate to the enterprise including input or output of one or more members from among the founders. To this collection was authorized to take decisions to change the number of founders, it must include the founders, the share in the authorized capital of which should be more than 60% of the total share capital.


Documents required for registration of changing the composition of the founders:
Name of document
Client prepares
1 Reference of EDRPOU Original    
2 Company Charter Original    
3 Aplications for withdrawal 
Original For individuals, the founder, or a contract of sale in share capital  
4 Copies of passports belonging to the founders of the legal entity  Copy For the founders  
5 Copies of identification nombers of participants of legal entity's members Copy For the founders  
6 Charter documents Original For the legal entities, the founders  
7 Company Charter Original New edition  
8 Receipt of payment of the fee changes on a legal entity in a state register Original    
9 Protocol on revision Original    
10 Power of attorney to carry out registration register Original    
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