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Registration of company name change

The neediness to change the name of the enterprise may be caused by number of reasons. However, the direct process of renaming the legal entity is quite consuming and may take a long time. This is due to the fact that changing the name of the company should be made in appropriate amendments to license agreements, there must be ordered a new stamp and changed all the constituent documents, certificate of single tax payer or VAT and, in some cases, certificate of the State Statistics Service.

The order of company name change

Current legislation governs the company name change procedure and provides a list of requirements for legal entity. Furthermore, the entity should compulsorily notify about renaming of the company all persons, with whom there are contractual relations.

Upon registration the name change of legal entity in the department of registration of legal entities and individuals, information is automatically recorded in the Journal of the unified state register of legal entities and individuals.

The list of documents for the company name change

  • Extract or certificate of state registration;
  • Paper from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine;
  • Statute;
  • Power of attorney from legal entity to conduct changes;
  • Certificate of VAT payer;
  • Certificate of the single tax payment (if available).


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«Aleksey Pukha and Partners» law company provides services of the enterprise name change, in particular:

  • advises on changing of company name;
  • preparing package of documents to change the name of the company;
  • conducting notarial certification of documents;
  • carries out state registration changing the name of legal entity respective in government authorities;
  • received registration documents and passes it to the customer.

Deadline of execution services is typically 3 working days of receipt all documents for registration the company name change.

As a result of changing the name of economic entity there will be registered following documents:

  • extract about state registration with the appropriate changes;
  • certificate of Industry standard of Ukraine (statistics) with appropriate changes;
  • record;
  • statute of the company;
  • notification on payment of single social contribution;
  • enterprise stamp.

Lawyers of «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» have years of experience in corporate law and provide quality services in the shortest term.



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