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Removing mills 9

Condition "9" enterprise means that the tax authority sent a message registrar on Form 18-OPP - request for installation mestanahozhdeniya / accommodation business entity. The presence of such a state can svedetelstvtvovat of long osutsvii by enterprises which registration or other required actions, such as confirmation of business information that gives reason to doubt the tax authority's first true location of an entity at the address and the second in that the company is generally applicable.

To remove the camp "9" to confirm information about the company in the state registrars by submitting the necessary documents required by law.


Necessary documents to removal mills 9:
Name of Document
Company prepares
Client prepares
 Form 6
 Power of attorney to a lawyer company
Contact with the company regarding the removal of 9:
+38 (044) 528 30 94
+38 (044) 528 30 54
Request the service removing mills 9 by filling the FORM
Full article in Russian read here

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