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Preparation of the procedural documents on tax dispute

The dispute in the area of ​​tax law is usually caused by one of the subjects of disagreement tax relations with particular events.

Our company will help you in solving the dispute:
  • admistrativnom (appeal to a higher authority kontrolyuchogo with complaints and objections);
  • and trial (going to court).

With reference to the supreme supervisory orange tax, we will prepare well-founded, is not designed, with a clearly defined legal position, supported by the law, the document - a complaint (denial).

We also define what documents should be added to the complaint as evidence.You should understand that correctly and competently framed complaint is firstly ensure that it is primarily to the fall in general, and secondly, when clearly justified position - a positive decision for her.

Contact with our specialists on the preparation of procedural documents for tax disputes:
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