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Certification UkrSEPRO

In accordance with Art. 13 of the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers "On standardization and certification" certification of products is carried out by authorized certification bodies - enterprises, institutions and organizations to:
  • preventing the sale of products hazardous to health, safety and property of citizens and the environment;
  • assist the consumer in a competent choice of products;
  • creating the conditions for participation of businesses in the international economic, scientific-technical cooperation and international trade.

In Ukraine, the Ukrainian State operates a system of certification of products - System UkrSEPRO.Certification UkrSEPRO System provides confirmation of third party indicators (characteristics) of the product (processes or services) on the basis of tests, examinations, certification, production and evaluation of control systems System management kachestvom.Obschee UkrSEPRO by the National Certification Body of Ukraine - the specially authorized central body of executive power in the field of conformity assessment.

UkrSEPRO system is designed for mandatory certification of products, however, rule systems can be used for certification is a voluntary sertifikatsii.Obyazatelnaya for compliance with regulatory requirements established by legislative acts of Ukraine or the regulations included in the approved list of products subject to obligatory certification in Ukraine.

Voluntary certification system UkrSEPRO conducted in the manner prescribed by the contract between the applicant (manufacturer or supplier) and body sertifikatsii.Sertifikatsiya imported products and domestic products is carried out by the same procedures.

Conducting work on mandatory certification of products available for certification bodies, test laboratories (centers) and the auditors, which are included in the Register of Certification System UkrSEPRO.Raboty the certification system UkrSEPRO conducted in accordance with the procedures (rules) of the products certification, approved by the national authority certification. Basic requirements for the procedures for certification of products installed in DSTU 3413.

For certified products receive a certificate of conformity and the agreement between the applicant and certification authority can be applied to the sign of conformity. Technical requirements for compliance with the sign and order of application set DSTU 2296.Sistema provides confidential information on the results of work on sertifikatsii.Sertifikat UkrSEPRO is a sign of conformity of products provided with all the standards and regulatory requirements.

Launched in Ukraine, the system UkrSEPRO enjoy the same authority for the domestic market, as well as ISO 9000 certification for foreign companies, although it is completely independent process. This certificate of compliance is an important document, which plays a huge role in making decisions about Ukrainian customs pass this or that product into the country.

Certification is also required for import of products on the Ukrainian market from abroad. In the process of mandatory certification of compliance is determined by the characteristics of products with regulations, certain legislative acts of Ukraine. Of particular importance is attached to a certificate for customs clearance. Import into the customs territory of products which are subject to mandatory certification in accordance with "Procedure of registration mitnogo іmportnih tovarіv (produktsії) scho pіdlyagayut obov'yazkovіy sertifіkatsії in Ukraїnі", approved by the Cabinet of Ukraine from 14.05.2008 № 446.


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