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Registration consortium

Do you want to register consortium quickly and accurately? «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» is ready to offer our best thus this procedure was as painless as possible, economical, and most importantly quality for you. Consortium is a temporary association of companies in order to achieve common economic goals. Participants endow consortium with instruments and use them in further work. Once the preliminary task of the consortium is formed, it automatically ceases to exist.






There are a number of rights which consortiums have:

  • Voluntary exclusion, which is regulated by the order of a contract of formation and articles of Statute
  • Receive information on the basis of the company's interests
  • To remain and become members of business associations, within the legal framework of Ukraine
  • To receive profit from the consortium under the preliminary contract with other companies-participants of this consortium

This is not the entire range of rights which current association has the rights on, they can be expended following Statute and contract. The consortium is based on a hierarchy, which means that there is a higher authority that approves the Statute, conduct amendments to it. Decides issues of inclusion and exclusion of participants, as well as solves all key financial momentum. Also there is an executive body, its responsibility is to solve current activities, competence is determined by Statute.

Law firm «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» will advice you with all issues regarding to consortium registration, will draw your attention to all pitfalls of registration. Full package of documents will be prepared for future consortium, as well as passed the whole registration procedure under full legal control. The company will receive a certificate of registration from the state registrar, put a record in a tax body, a statement of registration in the List of companies registers, pension fund and will receive a stamp for your consortium. All work will be done in the optimal pre-announced terms, efficiently, legally and it will facilitate the normal operation of your consortium for obtaining highest expected results.

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