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Re-structuring and bankruptcy of enterprises

 If you decided to liquidate the business «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» will help you to decide this matter in time. Each business may be «illiquid». So the liquidation of the legal entity may be provided as a result of its member’s decision because of achievement of goal, appearance of new projects, the deadline of registration and other circumstances.

The second circumstance for the liquidation of the legal person is a violation while its incorporation or state registration, and under the laws of Ukraine. It can be the inability to pay debts, bankruptcy. As practice shows in such cases there can be a compulsory liquidation at the request of the creditor or the court. So «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» gather documents and save you from wasting your time. Business liquidation is complicated process that requires theoretically knowledge and skills because of big flow of documents, obligations of involved parties, decision of financial issues with banks and other actions.

If shareholder wants to minimize his participation in this procedure he should apply to lawyers «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» who provide all necessary actions instead of you and provide a full report on the work.

We provide legal support in liquidation of legal entities. Our specialists on liquidation examine a status of your issue, determine the optimal time frame for specific liquidation methods, produce official documents and will accompany the client at all stages of the liquidation process. Elimination Division of «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» operates many years and has sufficient experience to simplify the client's participation and to liquidate legal entity, according to the objectives, budget, time frames.

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