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Representation of interests in the preparation of tender documents

Tender documents - a package of documents containing information about the commercial, technical and organizational issues concerning international trade. The tender documents includes the form of tender, contract terms, scope and range of supplies, works and services, tender drawings (if necessary) specification, the envelopes for the return of tender documents, as well as, depending on the conditions of the auction, and other documents.

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In the bidding documents include:
  • Description of contract, which is the winner of the tender or project of this contract.
  • The invitation to tender, with links to suppliers instructions, conditions of contract and an order for supply of goods, services or works.
  • Instructions to suppliers.
  • Information maps that define the procedure for preparing and submitting applications to participate in the tender.
  • Requirements that the customer makes an order to the content of the supply of goods or services - the names of products, schedule of delivery, the volume of each product. In addition, there are references to the requirements of quality standards, technical specifications, and so on.
  • Tender documents - this is set by the state forms for documents: application form, a form of information, a bank guarantee (if required), the form of tender and so forth.

Tender documents are available to all wishing to participate in the tender. However, no documentation is provided free of charge, but with the recent changes in legislation increased the amount. So today there is a tendency to decrease the number of bidders due to elimination of small and medium businesses.


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