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Application for termination of the taxpayer "Form 8-OPP"

 Our company can help you apply for a form 8-OPP in case of reorganization / liquidation of the taxpayer.

Required documents for submission length, 8-OPP documents: Description issued by the registrar:
Name of Document Company prepares Client prepares
1 Description issued by the registrar

2 The power of attorney to file length, 8-OFP

3 Statement 8-OPP

4 Original certificate 4-OPP

5 The original certificate issued by the tax (if any such evidence VAT)

Contact with the company on the application for termination of the taxpayer "form 8-OPP":
+38 (044) 528 30 94
+38 (044) 528 30 54
Request the service of application for termination of the taxpayer "form 8-OPP" by filling the FORM
Full article in Russian read here

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