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State registration of associations and citizens

Citizens United (NGOs) - a voluntary public formation created on the basis of common interests for the joint exercise by citizens of their rights and freedoms. Legalization (official recognition) is mandatory and is done by registering or creating reports.The State shall ensure that the rights and legitimate interests legalized in the established procedure of citizens' associations.

For individual types of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine shall be established tax benefits of income, receive financial assistance.Administrative and legal relations in the different activities depending on the type and status of the association.In accordance with Art. 9 of the Law "On public associations", they are established and operate in all-Ukrainian and local and international status.By the All-Ukrainian association of citizens belong to such associations, whose activities cover the whole territory of Ukraine, which have a local cell in most of its regions.The local associations are, whose activities extend to the territory of the respective administrative-territorial unit or region.

The area defined by the union of their own citizens.Special laws the laws of the peculiarities of the status of certain types of public organizations.Thus, the Law of Ukraine "On Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees" stipulates that trade unions may have the status of local, provincial, regional, national, all-Ukrainian.According to Art. 7 of the Law "On Charity and Charitable Organizations" charitable organizations can have the status of Ukrainian, local and international, which is determined by the same principles as in the Law "On Citizens' Associations.

The status of youth and children's organizations shall be determined according to the Law of Ukraine "On public associations" with one exception. The youth movement in Ukraine is coordinated by Ukrainian National Committee of Youth Organizations, which is an independent non-governmental organization and has the status of All-Ukrainian Union of Youth and children's organizations. This status is not changed by the entry of this organization in the international youth organization.In the process of establishment and operation of associations between the citizens and public authorities having different relationship.

Registration relations arise in the process of institutionalization of the status of the union and giving him the rights and duties of a legal entity. The subjects of the administrative and legal relations in this case, on the one hand, it is the Ministry of Justice or its territorial bodies, local executive bodies, executive committees of village, town and city councils of deputies, on the other - the founders of public associations: individuals (legal entities - in the case, if a union (union, association, etc.), citizens' associations), that seek to provide the union status of legal entity.Community organizations and their unions have the right to legalize their creation, by written notification to the relevant authorities.

Registration relations arise as well, if legalized social organization advocates the founder or a permanent member of the international organization, or otherwise extended its activities to the territory of a foreign state. In this case, it must within one month to submit the necessary documents for registration in the Ministry of Justice as an international.

State registration of order is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, is also subject to symbolic associations of citizens.Article 118 of the Commercial Code of Ukraine defines the notion of the Association of businesses as the economic organization, formed of two or more companies to coordinate their production, research and other activities to address common economic and social problems.Association of companies are companies on a voluntary basis or by the authorities, who have the right to form associations of enterprises.

In the association of companies may include companies formed under the laws of other states, and Ukrainian enterprises can enter into business combinations formed in other states. Business Combinations are created for an indefinite period or a temporary association.Depending on the institution of the order of association of companies can be formed as an economic union or a public utility or business associations. 

A business association - an association of enterprises, established at the initiative of enterprises, regardless of their type, which have voluntarily joined their business activities.Business associations are based on the Memorandum of Association and / or statute, which is approved by their founders.

Public (municipal) business association - association of companies formed by the state (municipal) enterprises by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, or in cases specified by law, the decision of the ministries (of other bodies, to management which include businesses that make up the union), or the decision of the competent authorities of the local self-government.

Business associations are set up as associations, corporations, consortia, corporations, other business combinations under the law:
  • associations - the contractual associations established with the aim of constant coordination of economic activity without interfering with the production and commercial activities of its members;
  • corporation - the contractual associations created by combining production, scientific and commercial interest to the delegation of certain powers of the centralized control of each of the participants;
  • consortiums - temporary statutory association of industrial and banking capital in order to achieve a common goal;
  • concerns - the statutory association of industrial enterprises, scientific organizations, transport, banking, commerce, etc. on the basis of complete financial dependence on one or a group of entrepreneurs;
  • holding - the union of industrial enterprises, scientific organizations, transport, banking, commerce, etc. based on the origin of corporate rights to them one or a group of companies.

We should not forget that the creation of association require the approval of the antimonopoly committee, or the output of the possibility of creation without such permission.


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