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The liquidation through  the general procedure

 If you decided to liquidate the business «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» will help you to decide this matter in time.

Liquidation of legal entities is one of our legal services in the segment of corporate law and governance. If shareholder wants to minimize his participation in this procedure he should apply to lawyers «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» who provide all necessary actions instead of you and provide a full report on the work.

We provide legal support in liquidation of legal entities. Our specialists on liquidation will examine a status of your issue, determine the optimal time frame for specific liquidation methods, produce official documents and will accompany the client at all stages of the liquidation process, draft necessary documents and provide another needed actions.

Legal assistance in liquidation process guarantees of absolute validity of activities. It is confidence in preparing and presenting the documents to be submitted to the state authorities, because they have a number of grounds to refuse to consider the documents because of their non-compliance. This is also an opportunity to protect from fines and additional obligations of third parties. Work of «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» will be focused on successful liquidation your business in short terms.

List of documents for submission to the state registrar:
  •  Registration form
  •  Certificate of state registration of legal entity or extract from the state register
  •  Originals of statutory documents
  •  Original or notarized copy of the founders’ decision on liquidation
  •  Act of the liquidation commission
  •  Documents from tax office, pension funds and social security funds (if available)
  •  Document on transmission of documents for long-term archival storage facility.
Contact with experts of the Company in liquidation:
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