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Representation of interests about signing the governmental agreements and its dissolution

Needless to say, the contract - this is probably the most common and one of the most important documents, with which almost every company has to deal. After all, under contract with the company there is an obligation to transfer goods, perform work, provide services or pay for anything out of it. Treaty as a legal business transaction soil underlies the tax records of counterparties, between which it lies. That is why the terms like traffic cop on the road, signaling an accountant about its tax fate.

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Representation of interests in cases concerning the conclusion of economic agreements and their termination is an important and necessary factor for doing business in today's world. Since using the services of highly qualified lawyers, and possibly a lot of money, you can not worry about the future in respect of treaties and obligations.

Those deals that are made between entities and between legal entities and individuals, committed to the conventional written form. Legislation or the contract is provided as a form of notarial contract. If, on the basis of established principles of law should be that the notarial form is not required, but the parties have already decided to refer to it, the contract will be concluded after giving it a notarial form.

Mandatory state registration will be subject to contracts which are or might become in time the basis of appearance, the transition to be completed государственной.регистрации rights and encumbrances of real property rights. Contracts of this kind are not considered prisoners of the state registration of transfer of rights to real estate, but with the time that the state registration of the contract.

As the legislation and the general agreement of the parties - participants of the contract - may establish additional requirements that must be conform to the shape of the transaction. For example, with a seal or the commission on a form having a well defined shape. The consequences of non-compliance with the aforesaid requirements shall be provided. If the consequences are not formulated in advance, then, in this case, the consequences of non-compliance with applicable standard of written transactions, such as denial of the possibility of invoking the parties in support of the deal, the testimony of witnesses (in the event of a dispute), although other evidence may be considered still . The above effects are also applicable in other cases, when not followed the usual written form, for example, if the contract does not show personal signatures.

In the case where that requires state registration of the deal, concluded in the correct form, but one of the parties shall attempt to avoid registration, in this case, based on the requirement of the other party, render a decision on registration of the transaction is entitled to the economic court. Then have the court make a decision and, accordingly, with this decision, the transaction will be registered. If the parties to the agreement, necessary to be in the form of cases reached agreement on all essential points, the contract is concluded. Important are: the condition is directly about the subject of the contract (name of service provided, for example), other conditions (costs, deadlines, limits use of property, etc.) which may be attributed to a significant, if they: are indicated as such in the legislation for contracts of this kind (for example: the name and number of goods for a special purchase agreement), stated as important and essential in the preparation and signing of the contract by all parties or only one party, but later signed an agreement on this issue.


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