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Judicial review of the results of the tax audit

Remember that the taxpayer has the right to appeal against the tax notice - decision or other decision of the supervisory authority of the assessment of a monetary obligation, at any time after receipt of the decision. Our company will take full procedure to appeal.

In this part, we will:
  • prepare an action in court to invalidate the decision of the supervisory authority,
  • provide the court kontrraschet scrip,
  • provide all necessary evidence,
  • take part in the trial,
  • accompany the process and apelyatsionnogo kasatsionnogo appeal.

The statement of claim is better to submit within ten days of receiving notice of the tax-solutions, in order to avoid the obligations of premature payment of the debt.

Fines and penalties accrued on the amount of monetary liabilities (part), repealed by the results of the administrative or judicial review, are also subject to cancellation, if such fines and penalties have been paid, they shall be credited to the account of repayment of the tax debt, cash goiters' Yazan or return in order.


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