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Tax reporting

Not a few difficulties arise from the conduct of tax reporting. Calculation and payment of any kind of tax or fee (payments) to the state budget-keeping of proper records and manner of calculation of such actions, the results of which are reflected in the appropriate form of tax reporting.

Legal kompnaiya provides the following services:
  • compilation,
  • jurisdiction,
  • submission of documents prescribed form.
In addition, our company provides:
  • As a taxpayer of tax
  • its representatives
  • tax agent
  • Free advice on filing statements
  • otchentnosti payers filing of consolidated tax.

We will help understand with all the features of financial and tax reporting. Should distinguish between tax and financial reporting. Under the financial statements understand the financial statements, which contains information on the financial and economic condition and performance of the entity during the period.

Tax Reporting - is a narrower concept that refers exclusively to tax issues. In the tax records recorded the process of calculation and payment of taxes and duties (mandatory payments). Feature of tax documentation is that it includes no special "tax" of primary documents as the basis for tax accounting is usually the primary accounting and records, documenting business transaction.


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