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Representation of interests in cases of administrative offenses

To prosecute may be a variety of offenses, their list is very big. This may be a violation of the tax, construction, environmental law, violation of fire, traffic, transportation, sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations. When it comes to citizens, it is mainly traffic offenses, public order. Also, we are talking about the so-called "letters of happiness" - materials that make up traffic police on the results of photo-and videofiksatsii.

Typically, the procedure starts with the prosecution of the minutes of an administrative offense.The penalty for an administrative offense less severe than for a criminal offense, however, and it can cause some unpleasant momentov.Poetomu to reduce the negative consequences of punishment, or even more so if you wrongly prosecuted, should seek the help of an attorney.

Legal assistance includes the following steps:
  • Introduction to documents drawn up in a case concerning an administrative offense, assessment of the prospects of doing business.
  • The choice of strategy and tactics of the definition of an administrative case.
  • Collection and presentation of trial evidence in the case of an administrative offense.
  • Call in the hearing the inspectors, Interior formed the protocol on administrative violation.
  • Call and examine witnesses in a case concerning an administrative offense.
  • Presentation of the court committed procedural violations in the design of an administrative case.
  • Search and submission of additional evidence in the case of an administrative offense.
  • The appeal court decision in the above-standing court case concerning an administrative offense.
  • Protecting the rights and interests of the client in all proceedings, both in the presence of the client, and in his absence.
  • Maintain an administrative case by filing a complaint with the oversight of third instance.
  • Appeals against decisions to impose administrative penalties.

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