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Tax relationship - a relationship the other party which every day appear as ordinary citizens of Ukraine, as well as businessmen, politicians, businesses, and government agencies.

Without thinking through their actions, every day we are filling the coffers of the state, paying taxes, such as buying food in stores, ordering different types of services, paying utility bills, etc.

So this kind of relationships requires special attention and study, as every citizen of Ukraine must understand what he pays taxes to the state, how they are calculated, what the norms of legislation set the tax rate, in which cases the tax is not vzymaetsya how to handle the tax office, at what are the conditions of taxation can be expected, opening the owl business in Ukraine and other aspects that will chustvovat their confidence in any situation related to taxation.

In the legal aspect, the tax legal - is social relations that arise in the field of taxation and is a collection of rights and duties of subjects of tax issues, provided for under the tax laws and protected by the state.

The main regulations that govern their yavlyaeyutsya Constitution of Ukraine, the Tax Code of Ukraine, the Customs Code of Ukraine, laws and regulations relating to tax issues and international agreements (such agreements to avoid double taxation.)

Tax branch of law yavlyaetsya quite complex and capacious as a legislator, worrying about the qualitative content of the budget of the country, wanted to settle it fully, making the great number of regulations. Soon, after the changes, most of them joined the Tax Code of Ukraine. But the problem of legal understanding of the average citizen of their tax obligations and rights given to it is precisely in the vastness of the information entrusted to it. Therefore, in any issue arises or buyout may be in the area of ​​taxation is necessary to study the rules of law relating to a particular situation, to think and to understand them, and in more complex cases - to address the interpretation and help to competent specialists.

Yet the theme of communication with the tax authorities and the participation of the parties in the tax legal most relevant to entrepreneurs. Since the tax authorities have a number of konrolnyh functions and powers, and entrepreneurs - a number of duties established by law (eg the decision to register the tax office, the timely filing of returns, payment of taxes, reporting at the enterprise) is unfortunately quite frequent violations of the law on both parties.

Entrepreneurs need clearly, preferably before the date of state registration of a business, to understand how the tax system suits them, on what tax rates they will work, and how many times when you need to report to the tax office as to keep the documents of strict accountability in the company, and other nuances to help avoid unwanted tax audits and sanctions.

You must know that regulatory authorities in the field, under the law, have the right to make periodic Documentary, desk, vyznye / nevyeznye, unscheduled / scheduled inspection companies. Periodicity of such checks in the enterprise depends on taxpayer compliance svoїh obligations and rules of interaction with the controlling authority.

Yet nepoodinoki cases where the conduct of audits officials violate their rights go beyond, in every way by putting pressure on businesses, or simply make mistakes in the audit, which resulted in the company vozglagayutsya fines, arrests, bans and other sanctions for violations.

The way out of such situations yavlyaetsya the statutory rights of a taxpayer to challenge the results of the inspection in the administrative (to the higher official / authority) or the courts. Problems of this issue as a proper construction yavlyaetsya legal position of the payer to the dispute, and oformelnie most complaints under the law.

After all, the practical side of the issue shows that clumsily Podanev evidence shaky position of the payer to the dispute, not understanding the procedures and how to complain - the right to appeal are using an empty, because the taxpayer could not clearly understood and not voidable substantiate their claims and objections , and in consequence - not resumed their rights violated.


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