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Registration union owners of apartment houses (UOAH)

«Aleksey Pukha and Partners» will register for you an association of owners of apartment house (AOAH) in a short tome and for sure. After short time you will get full package of documents that approve AOAH existing, also you will get a seal and an extract from the Unified State Register about registration.

AOAH – is a legal person that protects rights of apartment owners, collects a list of the responsibilities of each co-owner and supervises the joint maintenance of common property. All the activities, occurring within the AOAH, are provided by the legislation and the Statute.

Why do we need to create AOAH? - As we are all familiar with the current system of housing and communal services. Where and for what money are going to Utility services is always a secret, presence of AOAH is the right way to control all the utility payments. 

«Aleksey Pukha and Partners» will provide legal advices and explain all possible nuances about AOAH registration, also will prepare meeting protocol and the Statute.

Regard to the preparation of documents in various instances:

  • A complete set of documents to the district administration at the place of registration of the apartments
  • Registration in the statistics department, getting statement from there, as well as a certificate of inclusion in the Unified State Register
  • Making Printing
  • All owners data list
  • Registration of AOAH name

Bothering yourself with AOAH registration, undoubtedly friendly group of co-owners can, but we need to take into account that they are usually busy, the practice shows that to finish it till the end will take a long time or even not to finish. To resolve this issue as soon as possible, law firm «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» ready to take on this responsibility for you. 

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