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Corporate personnel services

Staffing services for companies today is one of the most requested on rynke.Kak practice, there are no such companies where the manager does not glisten to resolve personnel issues. Recruitment activity is meant by the implementation of HR administration in accordance with current zakonodatelstva.Kompaniya provides personnel support their clients in terms of outsourcing.

Outsourcing - the transfer of the organization under a contract of specific business processes or business functions in the service of another company that specializes in the field.

The main advantages of outsourcing essential services personnel are:
  • significant cost savings the company (in the organization of the workplace, payroll, taxes and fees, purchase of supplies);
  • improving the efficiency of the enterprise (the possibility to release the appropriate institutional, financial and human resources to develop new areas or to concentrate on existing ones, requiring attention);
  • instruction execution of tasks of the company, which specializes in a particular industry (which removes the need to control personnel, timeliness of performance problems, improve the professional level of employees, specifying the deficiencies.)
Staffing services include:
  • advising companies on employment law and HR administration;
  • preparation of the necessary personnel documentation (statements, orders, regulations, labor contracts, contract liability, the rules of the internal labor regulations, registration certificates from work and other documents relating to personnel work);
  • examination of the documents prepared by the Client. As a result of examination of the Company shall provide the Client an opinion on the conformity or nonconformity of certain documents with the existing Ukrainian personnel office;
  • maintenance of personnel records office (establishment and subsequent implementation of records in the books of orders on personnel, management timesheets, accounting books and work books, etc.);
  • acceptance of fate at work with government agencies (for audits, reporting, training information, work statements, queries, etc.);
  • maintenance provided by applicable law HR reporting;
  • resolution of labor disputes (hiring, downsizing, layoff, accrued vacation, severance pay, and so forth).

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