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Registration of an international charitable organization

Do you have a need to register an international charity organization? How to start? Right and conscious answer is to apply to professional law firm for registration.

This law firm is «Aleksey Pukha and Partners», that staffed with team of professionals. To register international charity organization is quite hard. Without fundamental skills and experience with this issue, you will not conduct correct steps to register charity organization.

So what is international charity organization? - Organization whose purpose is to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, whose work focused on the interests of certain individuals or society. What are the features of an international organization? - That it should work in the first place on the territory of Ukraine and at least on the territory of another country.


Persons who have the right to be the founders of the international charity organization are:
  • Persons with Ukrainian citizenship
  • Persons with citizenship of any other country
  • Stateless
  • Legal persons.

A head and a founder of an international charity organization make all the decisions on the work structure, therefore a person's age should be 18 years. Formation of the managing body, the adoption of its the Statute, the report control - are at least responsibilities of the founder.

There are a number of required documents for registration of an international charity organization:
  • Petition, written by the founder or his future confidant
  • Founder’s data
  • The Statute
  • Protocol of the last meeting
  • Name of the organization
  • Legal address where a charity organization will be registered in.
IMPORTANT! - Automatically detect the legal address is not necessary, «Aleksey Pukha and Partners», decide this question in a few hours for you if the need arose.

The company's lawyers will undertake to cover the state duty, preparation of documents, registration of the legal address (if applicable), registration in statistics authorities and getting statement that organization is there, tax issues, the issues with the payment of a single social contribution, a statement from a unified registry.

«Aleksey Pukha and Partners» will care about that all the documents were correct and were served in time and in the "right hands", the company's lawyers will monitor bureaucratic documentary process and will record you in the international charity organizations list. Confusion in the registration of any organization - is the core work in Ukraine, to disentangle it can only experienced lawyer who can harmoniously and responsibly perform tasks.

Company «Aleksey Pukha and Partners», with an impeccable reputation and a team of competent lawyers who will help you to register an international charity organization in the shortest time, with quality and sure. 

Negotiated price.

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