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Representation of interests in the court of appeal

Representing the interests of the Court of Appeal helps participants in a trial to get quality legal services and significantly increase your chances of winning a court case. Representing the interests of the Court of Appeal is intended to assist a person in the exercise of rights to protect the rights, freedoms and interests, a more complete and effective implementation of the procedural rights granted to him, and the discharge of its procedural obligations in the event of poor decision making by a local court.

The main features of the procedural representation are the following: a representative always acts on behalf of a person who is, and in its interests, a representative of a person involved in the case, and therefore has a corresponding procedural rights and obligations, and gets right to make available all of the proceedings the person he represents, if the latter does not restrict its powers; person who represents, is still a person involved in the case, with all its procedural rights and obligations, even if it does not accept personal participation in the hearing and the commission of certain proceedings outside of it (thus, not transferred to the representative of the rights and duties of which he is, he gets the same procedural rights and duties, unless it would not be limited to them), give rise to proceedings for the principal representative of the legal implications, but provided that the representative acts within the powers conferred upon him by the principal.


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