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License for fumigation

Law Firm «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» is ready to deal with the issues on the obtaining of a license to fumigation as soon as possible. The company's specialists are well oriented in this matter and know the whole scope of necessary actions, as well as proper documents for the shortest obtaining of this license.

The Firm provides a Stackhouse for fumigation, as well as assistance in training a staff with this particular method of pest control, in order to comply with all licensing requirements. Ukraine is considered to be one of the states, where the agricultural sector is a perspective business area. Taking into account the rapid development of the agricultural sector, as well as significant scopes of exports of cereals and other crops, global food shortages, demand, reduction of free land areas, in addition the growth of consumption - it can be said that exactly this area in Ukraine, is one of the most attractive to entrepreneurs and investors.

One of the obligatory and required procedures in order to preserve the harvest from pests and diseases, to minimize losses and to maintain the profitability of business is fumigation (decontamination) - is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides—or fumigants—to suffocate or poison the pests within.

There is not as much opportunities to receive such service on Ukrainian market. Taking into account it's specifics it is absolutely possible to earn an income in this business sphere. The lawyers of «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» have profound knowledge in questions concerning fumigation procedure and will provide full assistance in short time and in proper way. It is worth noting that decontamination activity is in the list of activities subject to licensing. In case of setting up a business in this sphere, the owners have a chance to take a profitable position on the market.

The process of licensing is provided by Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, which takes the decision whether to grant permits to business entities engaged in this activity on the basis of filed documents, the list of which is regulated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
The process of formalization of the business should be done regarding to the special legal acts which establish and regulate the rules for its implementation.

Thus, taking into consideration the fact that chemicals are used in decontamination process, staff who will provide these services must be instructed in order of labor protection due to the labor law provisions, and in some cases (processing of goods at the customs) - to have official access to the work.

Staff directly conducting disinfection should be provided with protection for work - protective suits, respirators, gloves, shoes and other equipment. In addition, the company, uses dangerous chemicals, must have permission to start work, stocks and staff quarters, meeting specified standards legislation, with appropriate facilities for the storage of chemicals and equipment that have passed inspection of sanitary-epidemiological conditions and fire safety.

When chemicals that are used in activity are specified in the Schedule of toxic substances, including products of biotechnology and other biological agents, production, storage, transport, use, disposal, destruction and disposal of which is carried out with the permission of the enterprise, the licensee is required to obtain a permit for the production, storage, transportation, use, disposal, destruction and disposal of toxic substances, including products of biotechnology and other biological agents.

Moreover, the entity can only use pesticides registered in Ukraine and which are defined in the official publication "List of pesticides and agrochemicals permitted for use in Ukraine." All pesticides are issued to personnel in the company are accountable and when issuing are registered in magazines. According to the results of their usage the entity should report to the state control authorities.

The priority of the state policy of Ukraine is the protection of the environment and human health from the negative effects of waste. Regarding to this, entities engaged in fumigation and, as a result, forming dangerous chemical waste are required to sign a contract about destruction and disposal of prohibited pesticides and packaging them by the companies where they were made, as well as with other companies that have license from Ministry of Environment to conduct operations in the field of hazardous waste management.

The mandatory requirement due to the fact that the work is connected with hazardous materials is insurance. Business entities engaged in this activity, must withdraw a contract of compulsory liability insurance of dangerous cargo carriers against negative effects of the transport of dangerous goods, as well as a contract liability insurance business entities for harm that may be caused by fires and accidents.

The sum of all data on the material and technical basis, the staff, the presence of possible permissions, documents, and in general, the necessary data about the company are the basis for the granting of the permit (license) for this activity and, accordingly, must meet the requirements of the legislation. «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» will get all the permits and licenses to provide a full assistance to the client in order to have the necessary documents and working conditions, a business entity will be able to enter the highly specialized and perspective market for decontamination of goods which, with the rapid development of agricultural business in Ukraine and possible investments will bring positive results.

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