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Confirmation of information about the company or public organization

The order of entry in the Unified State Register (hereinafter - USR) on the annual confirmation information on the legal entity is defined by Art. 19 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" (hereinafter - the Law on registration). According to this article, a legal person annually, starting next year from the date of its registration, within one month is required to submit (send by registered mail), the state registrar in the registration card of the sample set to confirm the details of the legal entity. That is, in the current year all entities whose registration date, for example, is 15 June of any year, until July 16, 2006 must submit a registration card number 6, the shape of which is established by order of the State Committee on June 9, 2004 № 67. 

For an annual confirmation of the details of a legal person completed only 1-st and the 10-page maps, all the other pages are not filled and are not available (sent) by the state registrar, as the other pages are filled with only the first inclusion in the USR information about the legal entity, as reported on the second page of this card text marked with an asterisk.

The term of the annual confirmation of the established date of registration. Even if one week prior to that date had another effect of the registration, you still need to file an annual registration card confirmation. Otherwise, the software automatically generates the USR notified the applicant that there is no annual confirmation is sent to him and in the absence of one month from the date of dispatch of the notice of annual confirmation USR record the absence of annual verification. In the absence of an annual confirmation of Art. 21 Registration Act established a sanction in the form of denial of discharge.

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