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Representation of interests in cases of compensation for losses, damages and penalties

Compensation for losses, damages, and is one of the ways to protect the civil rights of individuals. The losses include actual damages (the cost that the person whose right is violated made or must make to restore the violated right, loss of or damage to property) and profits (revenues that a person would have received under normal conditions of civil turnover if his right was not violated).

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Thus, the losses may have a legal entity for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of other contractual terms and conditions (eg, late delivery of goods has caused additional costs the buyer, in particular, for rent warehouse).

Representation of interests in cases of damages, punitive damages, and includes the following steps:
  • preparation of a claim for damages;
  • determine the amount of actual damages and lost profits;
  • calculation of penalties;
  • representation of the interests in the conduct of legal proceedings;
  • maintenance procedures for the enforcement proceedings before the transfer of funds to the account.

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