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Registration of Public Joint Stock Company

Public joint-stock company is a business entity that has share capital divided into shares of equalnominal value. Corporate rights on shares are certified by stocks. Shareholders of the company may dispose of their shares without the consent of other shareholders anytime. Joint-stock company and its agencies shall not adopt the obligations of shareholders in case of them taking any action contrary to the law. But shareholders have no liability in the case of illegal actions of legal entity, which led to losses (if it does not apply to their shares).

In most cases, the JSC is created in order to attract large capital during its creation and during follow-up. Usually it is created by the merger, division or transformation of the state, business, utility or another company, less often by institutions. Due to the high cost of creation the authorized capital must be
equal to at least the minimum wage in 1250 UAH, as well as the complexity of its administration. JSC is not considered a popular legal form. 

If you decide to register a legal entity in this «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» is ready to provide full legal support. We carry out JSC registration within 40 days of receipt of the documents:
  • copies of passports and identification numbers of shareholders
  • copies of passports and identification numbers of director and accountant
  • notarized copy of the certificate of registration of legal entity (for legal entities)
  • copies of the founding documents and certificates of statistics (for legal entities).

We also need information on the name of the future society, form and size of the shares, types of activities and legal address.


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