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Construction in each country is a promising sector. In Ukraine, the industry is developing dynamically, in spite of the fact that the building is a complex and expensive process of monetary policy, which requires registration of filing and obtaining permits.

The subjects are the customer, contractor, designer, investor who may be the executive authorities, the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local governments, individuals and legal entities. Construction projects are buildings, structures, facilities for any purpose, their complexes, linear objects of engineering and transport infrastructure. Relations in the construction industry are governed by the Constitution of Ukraine, civil, business, and the Land Code of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "On regulation of urban development", "On the General Planning Scheme in Ukraine", "On the Principles of Urban Development", "On Architectural Activity", "On the complex reconstruction districts (districts) of obsolete housing stock "," On Land Management ", other legal aktami.Trebovaniya planning documentation are binding for all actors of urban planning.

In this connection there is a significant number of nuances, not the observance of which can lead to problems and loss of both time and money.

Design and construction by the owners or land users in the following order:
  • receipt by the customer or designer of the original data;
  • development of project documentation and in the cases provided for in Article 31 of this Law, its expertise;
  • approval of project documentation;
  • preparation and execution of the construction work;
  • acceptance of the completed construction sites;
  • registration of ownership of the object of town planning.

Each stage of the design and construction requires a complex analysis for compliance with the law. Our company will provide you with advice on construction.


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