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Registration of the information agency

The legislation of Ukraine specifies that the information agency is considered a legal entity that is the subject of the information activity and operates to provide information services (Art. 1 the Law of Ukraine «On information agencies»).

According to the Law of Ukraine «On principles of state language policy» information agencies can distribute their products on state, foreign, regional, minority and other languages. At the same time information agencies have to follow ethical and moral rules of word usage.

Scope of activities and types of information agencies

The process of collecting, processing, keeping and dissemination of any information and spreading of products belong to the scope of activities of news agencies.

The main types of information agencies are:

  • state information agency;
  • non-state information agency;
  • foreign information agency (representation).

Representation of the information agency in Ukraine is a legal entity and operates according to the Law of Ukraine «On information» and the Law of Ukraine «On information agencies».


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The package of documents for registration the information agency

For registration the information agency in Ukraine should be prepared the following documents:

  • the name (full and abbreviated) ;
  • a statement of desire to register the information agency;
  • languages in which information agency will operate;
  • information on the scope of distribution and target audience;
  • main directions of activities;
  • organizational and legal form and type of information agency;
  • funding source.

Note that in the Ukrainian legislation does not specify what kind of legal form the information agency should have. Consequently, it may be chosen any organizational and legal form.

When accessing the company «Aleksey Pukha and Partners», lawyers will provide complex services within the registration of information agency:

  1. consultation on registration;
  2. preparing the necessary documents;
  3. submitting package of documents for registration to the State Registration Service of Ukraine;
  4. receiving a certificate of registration the information agency.

Specialists of «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» are ready to register the information agency in the shortest time.



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