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Registration of changing the authorized capital of the enterprise and other changes to statutes

According to the Part 5, art. 144 of the Civil Code of Ukraine reduced the share capital of a limited liability company shall be allowed after notification of all creditors.

According to paragraph 2 of Part 4 of Art. 145 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the decision to change the authorized capital belongs to the exclusive jurisdiction of the general meeting of shareholders of a limited liability company. 

Documentes required for registration of changes:
Name of document
Company prepares
Client prepares
1 Statement from the EDRPOU Original    
2 Charter of enterprise Original    
3 Receip of payment of the fee for changes on a legal entity in the state register Original    
4 Charter of enterprise Original New edition  
5 Protocol of amendments Original    
6 Letter of attorney to carring out registretion procedures Original    
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Registration of changes in the share capital is required if:

  • increase the size of the share capital (fund) in the implementation of additional investments;
  • change the size of the existing shares of the participants of the enterprise;
  • reducing the size of the shortage of capital assets of the enterprise.

Necessary documents dyal change the authorized capital of the company:

  • protocol;
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Receipt of payment of the fee changes on the legal entity;
  • the charter (in the old and new versions);
  • Certificate of statistics.



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