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The license for the collection and recycling

Do you need prompt obtaining of the salvage license? One of the leading law company “Aleksey Pukha and Partners” can resolve this issue fast and qualitatively. Salvage is the economic activity, which connected with collection, buying, receiving, selling and delivery of these waste products to the residue utilization companies, and providing services in these sphere.

Business entity should obtain the special license to start business activity in the sphere of salvage. In the case of collection and realization of the waste products by special-purpose companies and as the result of economic activity of business entities there are no license for salvage needed. The Law company “Aleksey Pukha and Partners” obtains the license in many shares of economic activity, including salvage, and ready to help in resolving this issue. 


We provide such services in the sphere of salvage:

  • Consulting about the obtaining the License
  • Preparation of needed documents
  • Submitting necessary documents and representing interests of a client in The Licensing Service
  • Obtaining license.

Besides, the terms of obtaining license are quite long and require many human powers, which cannot effort most of our client and as a result, our clients trust us all difficulties concerning this procedure.

You should provide following documents to obtain this type of License:

  • 1. Information list with applier signature
  • a. Material and financial resources, that are necessary for realization such economic activity
  • b. Proper or rented production floor space
  • c. Production hazardous chemical substances
  • 2. Hardcopy of technological production order of hazardous chemical substances
  • 3. Nomenclature of hazardous chemical substances
  • 4. Hardcopy of State registration of hazardous waste chemical nature factor certificate
  • 5. Activity in the sphere of manipulation with hazardous wastes
  • 6. List of hazardous wastes types needed to be licensed
  • 7. Hardcopy of waste disposal place passport (in case of waste disposal or landfill)
  • 8. Hardcopy of insurance certificate in case of occurrence of negative consequences
  • 9. Information list with applier signature
  • a. Positive confirmation of The State environmental assessment according to project documentation
  • b. Positive confirmation of The State sanitary-epidemiological assessment on compliance of safety requirements
  • 10. Register cards of waste disposal place.
Turning to The Law Company “Aleksey Pukha and Partners”, you will be certain about guaranteed and qualitative result.

Negotiated price.

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