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Registration additional liability company

Additional liability company differs from a limited liability company because of registered capital and distribution theory of liability in the case of the founders of settlement with creditors. Share capital is divided into shares between the members in proportion to which they make a profit. When it's time to pay debts and it is not enough assets of the company shareholders pay by their contributions to share capital. If it is not enough such money shareholders pay by their property.

The maximum size of contributions is negotiated and fixed in the founding documents.If you plan to start business in form of additional liability company «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» propose service on legal help on the stage of state registration. 

We guarantee execution of registration within 7 working days after we receive the following information:
  •  the name of the future company
  • size of share capital
  • form and sum of contributions of shareholders
  • legal address, contacts
  • taxation system and a list of activities
  • name of the bank to open an account
  • all identity documents of director and shareholders and all the registration documents (for legal entities).

All we need is above-mentioned information and our client to attend a notary to sign the power of attorney and registration cards, to attend the bank to open an account and obtain a certificate for tax liabilities. All another actions carries a lawyer.

On a result of cooperation with us you will get:
  • an extract from the state register that confirms registration of company
  • charter of your company with registration mark
  • document from statistics
  • certificate of registration in pension fund and single tax payer or VAT
  • stamp and bank account. 
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