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Representation of interests in disputes with insurance companies

Almost all insurance companies do not pay 100% of payments on all appeals of the insured event. From that moment a man begins disputes, litigation and disputes with the insurance company, which in the insurance contract obsessively convinced of his client's reputation in its purest, gave examples, enticed imaginable and not imaginable guarantees.

The insurance company - a company, organization, which provides insurance services, acting as an insurer, that is, taking the responsibility to indemnify the insured for damage to the insured event.

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Litigation is an integral part of the insurance company, as it in court the insurance company proves the legitimacy of non-payment of funds in an insured event occurs.

There are 2 methods of resolving disputes with insurance companies: the court and before trial.

The organizations that can protect the rights of consumers in the insurance industry include: Derzhspozhivstandart (can help insurers, but often send all complaints to the Financial Services Commission), the Financial Services Commission (practically does not protect the rights of policyholders, but only checks the performance of the insurance company regulatory options, and then advises go to court); Office of Consumer Protection at city and district administrations (usually only deal with issues of quality consumer goods and services) and the Association of Insurers of Ukraine (provides consulting and legal services to insurers, gives the public the facts of the negative attitude to policyholders by insurance companies applies to insurance companies and regulatory authorities), association of insurance companies, League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine (created to protect the rights of insurance companies, but is trying to protect and customers) and the motor vehicle bureau of Ukraine (combines the protection of the rights as policyholders and insurers).

The legal basis for judicial intervention in the resolution of disputes with the insurance company is the General Law and legislation related to the activities of insurance companies.


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