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Preparation of claims

Claim - a statement of the right to ownership of something, the claim; statement lender, buyer, customer, client, payment of debt, damages, addressing the identified shortcomings, faults in the purchased goods or works, or the claim of the creditor against the debtor of the voluntary settlement, associated with the violation of the rights of the creditor.

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The claim is a form of pre-trial implementation of the economic and legal responsibility. The aggrieved party must specify in the claim that it had violated the other party and to present her with the requirements.

The claim shall:
  • the full name and postal details of the claimant and the person (s) to whom claims are made;
  • the date of submission and the number of claims;
  • circumstances on which the claim is based;
  • evidence to support these circumstances;
  • the applicant with reference to the regulations;
  • amount of the claim and its settlement, if the claim is subject to monetary value;
  • payment details of the applicant's claim;
  • list of documents attached to the claim.
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