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Certification of origin (CT-1)

The certificate of origin (Certificate of origin) confirms the country in which the product was entirely produced or sufficiently processed, requires, as a rule, the customs authorities of the importing country for the purpose of tariff and non-tariff measures of regulation of import of goods into the customs territory of the country (for example, charges corresponding import duty rates, including discount in case of providing goods preferential treatment).

Certificates of origin may also require the banks, for example, when the parties in implementing the settlement of foreign trade operations in the LC indicated the need for such dokumentov.Pomimo, the certificates of origin are necessary in cases where it is envisaged by the relevant foreign trade contracts concluded by the parties, the national rules importing country, the international agreements to which the party is the party of export and import goods.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 225 of 25.02.03 of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and its regional chambers have the right to confirm the origin of Ukrainian goods and issue certificates of origin, including international formy.Sertifikat origin of general form (in English) the usual form of a certificate, which give all the goods for export to countries that are not due to rules of origin of goods; also issued when the product does not have preferential access to the market of the importing country, and in cases of absence or temporary suspension of privileges for Ukrainian goods.

Certificate of origin of the general form (in Russian), a common form of certificates that are issued when exporting to the country of origin SNG.Sertifikat form ST-1 (in Russian) issued for goods that are exported to the CIS countries, and meet the requirements of "Rules of origin goods "approved by the Board of Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Independent States of 24.09.1993g. (As amended) and "Rules of origin of goods" approved by Decision of the Council of Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Independent States of 30.11.2000g. (As amended). The certificate of origin form ST-1 is fully exempt from customs duty of the importer.

Certificate Form A (in English or French) is issued for goods that are subject to preferential treatment when exported to EU countries under the General System of Preferences, as well as Switzerland, Turkey, USA and Japan. If there is a certificate of origin form A, the importer is fully or partially exempt from poshliny.Sertifikat on textile products (in English or French) is issued for goods that are exported to the EU in accordance with the Agreement between the EU and Ukraine on trade in textile products.

A certificate for steel products ESCS - for export to the EU steel products under the EU Treaty on coal and stali.Sertifikat origin forms EUR-1, M-Series (in English) for export to the Republic of Macedonia shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement on Free Trade Republic of Macedonia and Ukraine on the basis of conclusions about the origin of the goods, which is an integral part of the certificate.

Certificate of origin of goods which are exported to the United Mexican States (in English) is used to confirm the Ukrainian origin of goods, which in Mexico are provided preferentsii.Sertifikat form U-1 (in Ukrainian) is used in the customs territory of Ukraine in case of need the confirmation of Ukrainian descent goods that are in circulation in the customs territory of Ukraine. In determining the origin is necessary to use the current legislation of Ukraine.

Certificate of Origin services - certificate to confirm the performance of services (eg transportation) Ukrainian enterprise or entity of foreign economic activity of Ukraine within or outside the customs territory of Ukraine. This certification applies to the territory of Ukraine.


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