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Registration Ukrainian representative office in Ukraine

Representative office is form of the structural unit of a legal entity that can be created by its decision any time. Representative office is a part of the organizational structure of the legal entity, its location shall be provided in accordance with Article 64 of Commercial Code of Ukraine in consultation with local authorities.

For branch offices and the law defined the general concept named a separate division. Thus between them there is a significant difference that is the function of these structural units. Branch may perform the functions of the legal entity that is involved in entrepreneurial activity.




Representation office only provides the representative function .If you decide to expand the structure of the enterprise by creating representation, «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» is ready to provide its services in this issue matter. We provide full support for the residents to place representatives of legal entities in Ukraine. 


Necessary documents for registration of Ukrainian representative office in Ukraine:
Name of document Copy/original Note Company prepares Client prepares
The Charter of the legal entity
a copy certified by the stamp
Certificate of state registration of legal person
a copy certified by the stamp
Passport and ID
The contract locate a copy of the representative
The Protocol on the establishment of the original representative
Regulation of the representative
A registration card
The power of attorney to carry out registration procedures
 «Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» guarantee comprehensiveness in providing services to representatives. This means that our cooperation will include consulting at all steps, training and documentation, notarization of its copies, etc.
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