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Emergency license for fire operations

Obtaining Licenses in MES refers to the list as the most complex procedure that relates to the licensing of economic activities. Therefore, if you decide to carry out activities where is needed to obtain MES license, we advise you to ask the experts who are directly involved in obtaining such licenses.

Law Firm «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» goes in for the licensing in many spheres of economic activity, including obtaining licenses of MES. Our firm can directly assist you in resolving this issue. 






Our range of services includes:

  • consultation on obtaining licenses MES
  • preparation of necessary documents
  • submission of documents and representation in the licensing body
  • obtaining MES license.

In addition, the difficulties associated with the preparation of the documents (filling in a form, fill in information, etc.), especially the procedure of obtaining MES licenses,take a considerable amount of time. The majority of our clients cannot effort this and, therefore, they impose on our shoulders all difficulties associated with this procedure.

Firstly, you need to decide what types of works and services you want to perform and deliver. License conditions for such type of activity stipulated by the Order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine № 1037, which includes the following works and services:
  • design of fire protection systems (water, foam, gas, powder, aerosol), fire alarm, evacuation, smoke protection, send alarm notifications, lightning protection devices, fire-retardant treatment
  • installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems (water, foam, gas, powder, aerosol)
  • installation of the fire alarm and evacuation, transmission equipment for alarm messages
  • maintenance of fire alarm systems and evacuation
  • installation and maintenance of smoke protectionsystems
  • monitoring the automatic fire facilities
  • maintenance primary fire (water, water and foam, powder, gas fire extinguishers, fire kits)
  • installation, inspection (review) lightning protection devices
  • installation of gates, doors, windows, hatches, screens (screens), valves with rated fire-resistance rating
  • fire-retardant impregnation (deep, shallow)
  • fire Retardant Surface treatment (painting, plastering, wrap, lining)
  • flame-retardant filling
  • clutches, repair, cleaning and inspection (verification) fireplaces, stoves heating flues (chimneys, flues), using solid or liquid fuels
  • evaluation of fire state objects
  • conducting the test substances, materials for fire danger
  • testing of structures, products and equipment for compliance with fire safety
  • testing of fire-fighting equipment, products forfirefighting purposes to meet the requirements.

In addition, types of work must indicate the presence of risk (light, medium, high). Choosing a risk you should be aware that specifying the degree of risk varies, and necessaryrequirements.

In order to obtain theMES license, you must provide the following documents:

  • statement.
  • description of the documents provided to the licensing authority.
  • information aboutnecessarymaterial and technical basis for the realization of the declared type of economic activity.
  • information about neededthe expertise for the realization of the declared type of economic activity.
  • duly certified copiesof documents confirming the right of ownership of a business entity or existing of equipment leasing and tenancy for the realization of the declared type of economic activity.
  • duly certified copies of documents confirming educational and qualification level of specialists needed for the realization of the declared type of economic activity.
  • duly certified copies of the test methods (in the absence of standardized) and the survey instrument metrological assurance work (for works and providedservicesin accordance with paragraph 15 - 17).
  • comparative test reports on fire safety, which are confirmed by the Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Fire Safety (for works and providedservicesin accordance with paragraph 15 - 17paragraph 15 - 17).
Turning to the law company «Aleksey Pukha and Partners», you will be certain aboutquality and guaranteed result. 

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