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Registration of Private Joint Stock Company

«Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» provides a support on registration of joint-stock company.Joint-stock company differs from a public by offering of shares by the private or public placement. The capital of joint-stock company can not be less than the minimum wage in 1250 that divided into a number of shares of equal value. 

It should be noted that the General meeting may decide to provide a public share offering. It is necessary to change the type of legal entity and to make appropriate changes to the charter. 


In order to create joint-stock company shareholders should:

  • carry out a private share placement
  •  hold a meeting of shareholders
  •  carry out state registration 

The above actions take place in some stages:

  •  decision to create a joint-stock company and a private placement of shares
  •  submitting documentation for registration of shares
  •  issuance of a temporary certificate of registration
  •  assignment of shares international number of securities
  •  contract with the registrar of securities or with the depositary on keeping a register of their respective owners or service shares, respectively
  •  private placement
  •  approval of the results of the issue of shares , the company's charter
  •  state registration of the company
  •  filing and registration of the report on private placement
  •  a certificate of registration of the shares
  •  Issuance of documentation on ownership of the shares.

«Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company» provides a support on registration of joint-stock company. The procedure takes about 40 days after we receive all the information and documents from the client. The documents that are required to order registration services are personal data of shareholders and the founding documents, if any, are legal entities.

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