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Registration process of mass media

Currently, Ukraine has a large number of media. However, according to the Law of Ukraine «On the print mass media» in order to start to print and distribute your own newspaper or magazine, first of all it is necessary to register a print media.

Law company «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» will help you pass the above registration, starting with the development phase of documents and ending with a certificate of registration of print media.

Media registration documents

For registration print media, you should submit an application to registration authority. The exact form of such statement is not envisaged by law, but in this case there is an entire list of data that should be specified in the statement. There is directly information about the founders, full information about publications including:

  • kind;
  • name;
  • language;
  • distribution area;
  • location of editorial office;
  • objectives.


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Terms of media registration

Registration after submission the package of documents is carried out within a month. If the package of documents was incomplete, the registration period may be stopped, leading to delay the registration process.

It should be noted that the distribution of printed media without state registration is prohibited. Law establishes exceptions to this rule just in case: the legal acts issued by the authorities, informational in respect of materials used for solely in internal activity, as well as printed products as a manuscript that does not accept for public distribution.

Preparing documents for registration is advisable to contact the experts of the company «Aleksey Pukha and Partners», who will consult you on all issues and provide services for media registration.


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