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Making / changing stamp, facsimile

Decide to prepare seal quickly, law firm «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» will solve this issue in a few days. Seal - an official design or mark, stamped on a document to show that it is genuine and carries the authority of a particular person or organization.

If the mark done as a relief with the help of strong pressure on a paper and has consolidation on a place of a seal - it is dry (embossed) seal. In cases where the mark using liquid or liquefied matter like ink, wax, usually the color that is different from the color of the paper - this is called a wet seal. You can also see a seal as a handwritten signature that is called facsimile.

Seal is one of the attributes of business life and business. Today the production of seals for entities is not regulated by a special law, moreover legislative innovations include the rejection of their application in the future. But now, for economic activity, proper documentation, interaction with public authorities and institutions you need to have a seal. Note that for seal prepare from February 21, 2011 no special permissions is required additionally from Interior Ministry of Ukraine.

Production of seals, stamps and facsimile in the company should by regulated by the Order that explains the necessity of seal production, lists and types of seals that will be produced and appointed persons responsible for using and keeping seals. The use and storage of seals relies on the head of the company. In case of manager change, a new head seals are transmitted by the acceptance certificate.

Regarding to the procedure of seals, facsimile cancellation at the legislative level, the question is not settled yet. If it is necessary to cancel the seal by company Order, special commission is created for cancellation of seals and stamps that prepare special protocol, which specify the seals number in, the data of the person responsible for the cancellation of the seals and the commission composition. This protocol is subject to registration and certification in due course. Plates seal destroyed cutting into shallow, not connected parts, and kept in a sealed envelope with the stamp on paper made in advance. In addition, the destruction of the seals in a small company might issue an act of cancellation.

Company «Aleksey Pukha and Partners» provides service in the selection and production of seals for entrepreneurs, helping to create an individual business attribute for clients. For seal production you need only to provide a copy of an extract from the Unified State Register. 

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