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Tax audits

Our company will help you in carrying out:
  • cameral,
  • documentary (planned or unplanned, or restricted to travel away)
  • actual inspections.

And so, the desk is check, which is conducted in the premises of the state tax service solely on the basis of the information specified in the tax declarations (calculations) of the taxpayer.

Documentary check is check, the subject of which is the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, calculation and payment of all required by the Code of taxes and fees, as well as compliance with the currency and other legislation, enforcement is the responsibility of the regulatory authorities, compliance with legislation on employer employment contract, registration labor relations with employees (salaried persons), and which is based on the tax declarations (calculations), financial, statistical and other reports, registers, tax and accounting, management of which is stipulated by law, the primary documents used in the accounting and tax accounting and dressings related to calculation and payment of taxes and duties, compliance with the requirements of other legislation, enforcement is the responsibility of the state tax authorities, as well as obtained in accordance with the legislation of the state tax service of documents and tax information, including the results of the testing of other taxpayers.

The effective tax inspection - a relatively new type of tax audit, introduced by the Tax Code of Ukraine, namely, 80, 81 of the Tax Code. It is carried out without warning, and the taxpayer is the so-called surprise inspections.

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