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Liquidation through foreclosure

The most popular method of liquidation of legal entity is a sale of corporate rights. This means a change of shareholders under the sale contract. Changes in the are included in the state register and the founding documents, financial statements and stamp are transferred to new shareholders.

They also becomes responsible for the activities of a legal entity, for its liquidation, that requires much time and provides for a long period of time. 

Benefits of liquidation by selling corporate rights:
  •  short term (less paperwork , no need of such deposit or transferring documents certain organs)
  •  minimizing costs (personnel records, accounting, etc.)
  •  no revisions
  •  validity.
   Liquidation of legal entity through the purchase/change shareholder is also considered to be optimal for a new start of business.
The company "Aleksey Pukha and Partners Law Company" provides a legal support of liquidation of legal entities through the sale of corporate rights.
During the collaboration, we will:
  •  prepare and submit documentation (decision of shareholders to change the composition, a change of leadership, power of attorney , etc.)
  •  carry out all the activities on state registration of changes
  •  obtain registered documents with amendments
  •  notify the relevant funds and banks on changes in business.
We also provide full legal support of execution notary actions in this context. 
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