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Representation of interests for the supply of goals and services

Delivery of goods - an operation which is carried out according to the contracts of sale, exchange, delivery, and other civil contracts, which provide for the transfer of ownership of such goods for compensation, regardless of the timing of its provision and operation of a free supply of goods ( results) or delivery of property under any other contract, the terms of which provide for deferral of payment and transfer of ownership of such property no later than the date of final payment.

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Provision of services - any operation of civil nature of works and provision of services, eligibility for enjoyment or disposal of goods, including intangible assets, as well as the delivery of any other, except for goods of property for compensation, as well as operations on free performance of works, provision of services. Delivery of services, in particular, includes the provision of the right to use or disposal of goods within the lease (leasing), supply, licensing or other means of transfer of the patent, copyright, trademark, and other objects of intellectual property rights, including industrial, property (paragraph 1.4 of Article 1 of the Act).

Representation of interests for the supply of goods and services is the key to a successful completion of the transaction without any force majeure negative consequences for the client.


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