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State purchases

Development of state consumer sector of economy is carried out due to state purchases.

State purchases provide distribution of state capital and support of internal manufacturer of goods and services.

Purchase of goods and services from the State budget of Ukraine is carried out planned and is systematical. This includes expenses for purchase of the goods and services for the state account, and procedure of purchases is adjusted{regulated} by the special law.

Procedure of state purchases causes special interest in Ukrainian and foreign participants of the market. 

Legal support, maintenance of a transparency, legal literacy, legal support in sphere of state purchases of goods and services in competitive environment for state account is primary goal of Company.

Within limits of practice Company as carries out:
  • analysis and consultation of customers and participants of tenders about application of the current legislation of Ukraine about state purchases,
  • analysis of risks of foreign subjects at a choice of customer and sphere of state purchases,
  • Formation of recommendations on basis of current legislation of Ukraine at choice of an optimum climate, creation of enterprises in sphere of state purchases,
  • Granting of legal conclusions in sphere of state purchases,
  • Tax planning and studying of a customs climate at performance by the contract of prisoners on means of state purchases,
  • Studying tenders documentation and other documentation connected with carrying out of the public tenders,
  • Preparation of the documentation and legal support at carrying out of the public tenders,
  • Legal support of transactions of prisoners in sphere of state purchases,
  • Development typical the contract and conditions of the conclusion the contract through the tenders,
  • The control of performance of contracts, and legal support of cancellation of contracts, collecting of losses connected with default or inadequate performance of contracts,
  • The appeal of actions and certificates of officials in sphere of state purchases,
  • The appeal of results of the tenders,
  • The judicial appeal and judicial support of affairs such.
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