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 "Aleksey Pukha & Partners, Law Company" has successfully completed a range of services for business registration in Ukraine with the participation of non-resident citizen of the Republic of Mauritius


Experts of the company, based on its experience and knowledge, had both advisory and actual services for the creation and registration of business in Ukraine.

The Company's customers were provided extensive consulting services regarding the nature of the oral features of creating and doing business in Ukraine, the economic climate and the legal regulation of the activity of economic entities.

Taking into account the information received from the client, the established requirements of state registration of legal entities, as well as the specifics of the range of services for business registration in Ukraine with participation of foreign citizens, the company's lawyers:

  • Choose the optimal organizational form, activities, management structure, location address future business entity;
  • Carried out the preparation of necessary documents, and successfully obtained for the Client - alien card taxpayer in Ukraine (identification number) as soon as possible;
  • Carried out the development and preparation of constituent documents of this business entity according to customer requirements, the two working languages: English and Ukrainian, to meet the requirements of Ukrainian legislation;
  • Implemented full legal support of notarization of all necessary documents, as well as the provision of services organized an official translation, according to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation;
  • Prepared a registration card for the registration of a legal entity in the state department of registration service;
  • Have successfully completed the registration of a legal entity in the form of a limited liability company, one of the founders is a foreigner, resident;
  • Obtain an extract from the Unified State Register Help and Statistics Department;
  • Produced a stamp with the wishes of the Client;
  • Carried out the selection of the bank to open an account a legal entity with the wishes of the Client's full legal support implemented procedures for opening a bank account.

This complex was operational services provided by the Company to the maximum short passages.
The working languages of the provision of services for this project were English Russian and Ukrainian languages.


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