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Join changing composition of the founders of the Limited Liability Company

The company's lawyers have successfully conducted a set of actions for the state registration of the exit of the founder of the founders Company Ltd., which included:
  • legal support for proper execution of the application of the founder , LLC to withdraw from the founders of the Company,
  • support of the general meeting of the Company,
  • preparation of the general meeting,
  • Association of the Company in the preparation of the new edition to reflect the changes made ​​to the statute in connection with the release party of the Company and the decision on the inclusion of the founders of another individual.
  • preparation of other documents required by law for the state registration of the change of the founder , LLC.

Оur lawyers also provide representation of the Company during the state registration of the change of the Company's founding in the department of state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Were obtained documents registered by the state registrar as amended.


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