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Large pharmaceutical company with foreign investment turned into a law firm with the issue of delayed payment of the counterparty to the supply contract

Client companies - large pharmaceutical company with foreign investment turned to the issue of delayed payment the counterparty under the supply agreement. As it turned out, the measures taken by the self-court settlement of the dispute were inconclusive, after which it was decided to ask for help to the best law firm - Aleksey Pukha & Partners.

During the work on the case law of our company:
  • The prospects for the trial,
  • negotiated s debtor
  • produced all the official documents
  • volume was determined by a real debt, subject to penalties
  • prepared and submitted a petition to the court.

It should be noted that in the case were used as standards Ukrainian and international law. In the course of conducting business in the first instance directly lawyers represent clients in numerous court hearings. Using all the experience gained, supported the stated legal position: both verbally expressing opinions Client oral explanations, arguments, conclusions, arguing motions in fact, and in writing, attaching to the case evidence, written explanations.

The court, after reviewing all the materials of the case, after hearing the legal position of our lawyers and correlating it with the position expressed by lawyers opponent, ruled in favor of our client. It should be noted that the opponents of our company in a dispute had several major Ukrainian law firms and well-known lawyers who engage in the process at different stages.

Our lawyers had to defend the interests of the Client not only in the court of first instance, but also to take part in the consideration of the appeal, and the appeal. The company defended the interests of the client at all levels and in full. The outcome of the case was the successful recovery of funds in favor of the Customer through enforcement proceedings, where lawyers also represent the interests of the Client.

Working with our company you will:
  • get reliable legal partner,
  • legal team - advisers in any legal matter,
  • team of lawyers "sharpened" under orders and business interests,
  • savings and time
  • guarantee the successful completion of the case.

The jurisprudence of one of the core practices of the company, which includes all sorts of solutions of disputes to be solved at different levels and judicial authorities. Work with the best, work with us!


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