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Kondratuk J.P. «What to do with deposits and loans from Ukrainian banks in the territory of Crimea» // «»-May 2014  

Famously, the National Bank of Ukraine in Resolution № 260 had recalled and annulled the bank licenses and general licenses on pursuing an money transactions of PJSC “CHERNOMORSKIY BANK OF DEVELOPMENT AND RECONSTRUCTION ” and PJSC “MARITIME BANK” and undertake all of the Ukrainian banks to close the separated units, which are disposed in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. However, the closing of the separated units does not entail the automatic discharge of clients to the bank through the credits and does not deem the dismissal of the bank owed to the clients about the deposits.

Nowadays the mechanism of returning the funds on deposits and paying by borrower the committed loan is not specified. Redemption of deposits is practiced in a matter if the client appealed to the bank`s branch on the mainland Ukraine. But, mainly, the operations with the Crimean units accounts are not available. In the meantime, the banks are promising to continue the allowing interests on deposits an not to charge the late payment penalties on credits.

As for the practice of redemption of deposits to Crimean, should be minded that the Russian Fund of protection of deposits, which have started to perform the compensatory payments to Crimean on the territory of the Crimea and Sevastopol on deposits, which were opened in specified Ukrainian banks, which units have been closed by the Decision of the Bank of Russia.

The specified fund is buying from the depositor, registered by the habitation in AR Crimea the right to demand performance to the Banks on deposits and pays him 100% of the all purchased demands sum, which are defined by the Bank of Russia, but no more than RUB 700 000 on the one depositor in the one bank. Depositors, who have had donation more than RUB 700 000 can compose a request to the Fund about the collecting funds from the banks.

The Fund also argues that by the definition of the Central district court of Simferopol from 21 April 2014 it was appointed as a trustee property manager of Public Stock Company Commercial Bank "PrivatBank" and recommends Crimeans to redeem their loans through an account opened in the Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB). At the same time, questions of the fiduciary regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, not by national legislation, respectively, in "PrivatBank" this fact is not confirmed. For today Crimeans payment loans through an account in RNCB not guarantee real closing your loan in "PrivatBank".

Author: Jana Kondratuk



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